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Swedsteel-Metecno Professional Engineering Site presents, collects and documents all engineering and construction informations from the professional point of view to support the work of its clients, partners, designers, and professional colleagues. The manufacturer provides supportive materials, design and assembly manuals, joint connections, and all other necessary professional and technical documentation and data provision for the design and construction of its specific products, and complete systems and halls.

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Structural calculator

Use our calculators for your work and you can make the right structural measurements for roof purlins/wallstuds, or trapezoidal claddings for roofs and walls. Smart tool – useful help!

Structural calculator for trapezoid sheets Structural calculator for Z/C beams

Ask the manufacturer

Swedsteel-Metecno has a team with decades of professional experience, fully committed to its continuous development. Its goal is to cooperate with its engineering and construction partners, and colleagues on the highest level, therefore the engineers of Swedsteel-Metecno are happy to answer your questions and comments!


Swedsteel általános tudástár


In the first menu we present the applications areas of the wide selection of products and systems offered by Swedsteel-Metecno.
Swedsteel katalógusok


You will find here the electronic versions of the printed catalogues and brochures collected in one place.
Swedsteel épületszerkezet

Constructional component

In this menu the professional experts will find the drawings (profile drawings, junction details, sample designs) of the light construction steel products of Swedsteel-Metecno.
Swedsteel statika

Design analysis

This section contains useful materials, background information and loading diagrams for the designers and field engineers working in the area of supporting structures.
Swedsteel épületfizika

Building physics

Here we summarized the professional information regarding the application, design, development method of certain product groups focusing on draining of water, water sealing, heat and humidity techniques and acoustics.
Swedsteel tűzvédelem

Fire protection

All fire protection materials and performance indicators of the Swedsteel-Metecno product groups are collected in a separate menu.
Swedsteel minősítések


This menu contains all information and documents to watch and to download regarding the classification of produced and distributed construction products.

Swedsteel-Metecno quality